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I Train When It Rains Unisex T-Shirt

The first in our range of EBA or Essential Bar Attire.

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Product Code: 1016

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About the I Train When It Rains Unisex T-Shirt

The I Train When It Rains Unisex T-Shirt was introduced for all the hockey players out there who probably think they smashed a mirror at an early age or let a flock of black cats cross their path. Either way as hockey players we have done something to upset the Big Man as it seems to rain without fail most weeks during training! Even when it’s been cracking the flags all day (Northern Alert for Hot Sunny Day) come 7.30 and those clouds roll over, the temperature drops and KaBoom it’s raining sticks and balls (KaBo term for lots of rain).

Size Chest size in cms Chest size in inches
Small 45cm 15 1/2
Medium      50cm 19 1/2 "
Large 56cm 22"
XL 59 1/2 cm 23 1/2 "


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