Hockey Clothing

We field hockey players are a different breed. We train when it rains, play in howling gales as well as scorching sun in the summer, so we need the right hockey clothing! That’s where KaBo comes in.

Most of us now play hockey all year round, meaning we need hockey clothing for all seasons! At KaBo we know that it’s important to not only have the right gear for the right weather, but also to look fabulous come rain or shine! So if it’s cold and miserable, we have chunky knit beanies, hockey hoodies and tracksuits so you can wrap up warm. If the sun decides to show its face, we have plenty of hockey training tees as well as printed tees in our EBA (essential bar attire) range! On top of that, we can even cater for those special people who put their bodies on the line every week and let us smash hockey balls at them. Our hockey goalkeeper smock is as special as the keepers themselves!