Hockey Accessories

What use is it having a glorious new KaBo hockey stick if you don’t have the matching hockey accessories? We’ve got hockey bags, shin pads, hockey balls and more to make sure you’re ready to rock!

Some people say ‘all the gear, no idea’, but they’ve never seen KaBo’s hockey accessories! Because everything we make is designed by players to enhance your performance, we understand your needs. We have two kinds of hockey stick bags so you can choose to pack light with our rucksack complete with stick sleeve, or alternatively dump everything you may need in a larger kit bag.

If you’ve got a particularly beautiful face and want to protect those looks, we’ve got a great clear field hockey face mask to safeguard your money maker. You may also be as fond of your equally beautiful shins, so get them strapped up with our shinnys to protect you from a wayward ball ruining those perfect pins! And on the subject of hockey balls, we’ve got plenty of those in an array of colours. Remember, it’s always important to accessorise darling!