Team Kabo

So, what’s all this ‘#TeamKaBo’ all about then?

Well, after a year in business (and umpteen in the planning), we really want to reward all our fantastic customers for their support. All you need to do is register (if not already a customer) and sign up to join the team. Very importantly, it is 100% FREE!

You will then qualify for a range of Kabo benefits that mere mortals could only dream of:

  • Free shipping on all orders (UK Mainland customers only)
  • Reward points on every purchase
  • Unique promotions...just for you
  • Cashback vouchers on redemption of points
  • Access to recommend a friend scheme (available from November 2015)
  • Free gifts
  • Exclusive product previews
  • Priority access to limited edition products
  • VIP invites to Kabo events in your area

Think of #TeamKaBo as a big tent, full of brilliant hockey gear, all your best mates and unlimited Snakey B on draught. Now, do you want to be inside that tent or outside looking in, feeling all miserable and broke?

Do not worry if you think this is some elaborate scheme for world domination. KaBo is all about good quality gear at direct-from-manufacturer prices, we are very deliberately lean and modest. Your favourite old Auntie Corporate loves her nieces and nephews and would never sell your data to any third parties.

Let's illustrate the magnificence of #TeamKaBo with an illustration... 

TeamKaBo Explanantion

So, you buy a #MK1 and 500 points are immediately credited to your account. Hmmm, that plays goooood. Would sir (or madam) like a stylish new Stikbag to holster your errr…weapon? That will be £35 please and here’s another 175 points to your liccle Kabo stash. Tell you what, the gear is something special and you are inclined to leave a review…kapow, more points! Now you are playing like a wizard and rather attracted by a new pair of Shinnys. But after a big night out on the lash, one finds oneself completely potless. Boo. After scrabbling down the side of the sofa and emptying the whisky jar of coppers, you amass £10 and decide to cash in your points for a £5 voucher on the website (emailed to you with unique code). As a #TeamKaBo member, you are in the tent and don’t need to worry about the UK delivery costs, so job done. The Shinnys are on their way and everyone’s happy!

What do points make? Errr…cashback vouchers Brucey! You can up save your points for as long as you like and redeem for vouchers on balances as low as 500 points:

500 Points = £5 voucher

1000 Points = £10 voucher

1500 Points - £15 voucher

…and so on, I think you get the point, if you’ll excuse the pun.

We wanted a really sexy catchphrase to entice people onto the team, but our marketing budget is spent. Instead of going to a flashy agency (all the flash is reserved for our products) we decided to ask the man in the know, keeping it real. So, thanks Dave from Blackburn (who literally was a man in the street), we have gone for your suggestion:

Join #TeamKaBo today, it will make you very happy.