Sponsorship ... KaBo Really is Different!

We are often asked if we would be willing to sponsor players. You know the script, give away loads of free sticks and enjoy the halo effect of a national leaguer or international endorsing your brand. The problem is sponsorship comes at a significant cost and in business, this needs to be covered elsewhere to generate profit. Without profit, KaBo is dead in the water and if we are bobbing around on the surface of the pond with toes up, where are the Kabots going to buy high quality, honestly-priced gear?

Our raison d'etre is to boost participation in hockey by making equipment prices more accessible. Like us, bigger, flashier brands exist to make profit, but they operate a very different business model where the costs of marketing and sponsorship are covered by higher prices in store. This is not limited to hockey sticks. If you have ever purchased a nice watch, consider that half of what you pay (this could run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds) probably goes into Lewis Hamilton's piggy bank in exchange for access to his image rights. Oh to be famous eh?!

Our products are made to the same standards and compositions in the same factories as virtually every other hockey equipment manufacturer in the world. We pay the same manufacturing cost per unit (give or take a few cents) but charge our customers less than half price.

How on God's green earth do we do it? Well, for a start we don't provide sponsorships or give stuff away and our overheads are very low. KaBo has been designed and built around a lean business model specifically to ensure our customers always get the best quality products at the lowest achievable price.

Why is KaBo Sponsorship different

If you had the choice of paying £300 or £120 for the same thing, why would you pay more? Furthermore, why should recreational players pay the price for sponsored players to enjoy free gear? It doesn't sound right does it?

We respect and admire our elite players but if you have come to KaBo in search of sponsorship, we are sorry to disappoint. Our project is about the game, a long-standing love of hockey, the 150,000 weekend warriors, quality products and good ole customer care.

Please take a look at our range, join #TeamKaBo and feel good about yourself, we think you will enjoy the journey.