Bow Guide

Bow Selecta? OK so you like our sticks and that’s proper Bo!

But what’s the right curve for you?

Guide to our hockey stick bows

Our Mid Bow Sticks are 24.5mm bow located at 29cm up the stick – this is the most common bow and ideal for most requirements for all round game play.

Our Late Bow Sticks are 24.5mm bow located at 21cm up the stick – the lower down the stick means that it makes getting the ball air bound much easier so great for anyone with drag flicking or 3D skill aspirations.

Our Hybrid Bow Sticks are 25mm bow located at 27mm up the stick – in-between the two bows it is really good for Arial play such as flicking but also not too extreme so you are lifting the ball every time you hit.

And finally we are working on a Kez-Bow, that’s in development currently but we can assure you it’s going to be Proper Bo!!