About Us


OK, so when starting a new company it’s really quite important that you choose a decent name that everyone understands straight away and people then know who you are and what you do, right?

Well I didn’t see it that way.

My name is Matt and that doesn’t tell you that I am a hockey player and that my lifelong ambition is to star in a west end production (one of these statements is not true…).

I decided that I didn’t think the name needed to refer to hockey at all. It’s not a sporting term or even a Latin word that encapsulates the meaning of trust, brilliance or anything else fancy. It’s actually the names of two kids called Katie and Bobby.

Actually to be a little more specific these two kids are my kids, I’m not that random…

Hopefully they will also love hockey and sport in general just like their parents. The signs are good as our garden doubles up as a sports arena/ground/pitch/course most days.

We tested a few names in the beginning, but when we put it out to vote KaBo came through as the firm favourite.

So that’s how we got our name, the first two letters of my two kids stuck together. Now the only problem I can see is if we ever have a third child!


Back in the day when everything was black and white and hockey sticks were made of wood there were only a few choices to make. Pick the right head, stick size and then weight. Once you had cleared these seemingly simple obstacles it was all about getting a stick that looked the part. Obviously a few people will happily skip steps one to three and simply buy a good looking stick although they would never admit it!

Fast forward to now. Wooden sticks are almost extinct and when buying composite sticks you are faced with so many choices and yet players still don’t really know why they should splash the cash on what kind of stick.

At KaBo we want to help you find the right stick, as well as keep things in black and white.

After becoming increasingly frustrated by prices being charged by many other manufacturers, KaBo was formed. By sourcing our products directly from the factory and having full control and input in the stick design we are able to offer a range of sticks that are as good as the leading brands but at a fraction of the price.

Shouldn’t everything in life be like that?

Where did the name KaBo Hockey originate? The early days of field hockey