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New In

The top minds at KaBo Hockey UK have been coming up with some new and innovative products just for you lucky people. Our latest hockey sticks, bags, clothing and hockey accessories are all here just waiting to be bought!

Hockey Sticks

We started KaBo Hockey because we were fed up paying over the odds for hockey sticks. So you won't find any costing silly money here! All of our carbon fibre hockey sticks are priced so anyone can afford them. Whether you're just starting to play our glorious sport or looking for a something a little special, we have a composite hockey stick for you! On top of this, we also have wicked junior hockey sticks for the next generation of hockey stars!

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You've found the perfect stick, but now you need the perfect hockey accessories! We can help you with that! So whether you're looking for hockey stick bags, a face mask, shin pads, or hockey balls, you've come to the right place to stock up on hockey equipment!

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Want to look straight up fabulous while playing hockey? Obviously you do - who doesn't?! We can offer some rather dapper hockey clothing at even dapperer (it's a word) prices! Tracksuits, hoodies, goalkeeping kit, training tops – we have the lot. We can even offer up some bobble hats! Who says hockey clothing has to be boring?!

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Introducing the new KaBag Collection

KaBoLand Hockey Festival

KaBo Hockey Clothing

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What is Kabo anyway? Hockey mad, innovative, exciting, quality brand... All of the above and much more!

Who Is KaBo Hockey?


In the beginning, there were the heavens and the earth, and many overpriced sticks. Mr KaBo himself, or Matt as he's usually known, decided to start a new UK hockey shop that would provide apparel , accessories and hockey sticks online to like minded players at a more affordable price. But what to name this new hockey store? Matt decided that the name didn't need to refer to the game at all.

It’s not a sporting term or even a Latin word that encapsulates the meaning of trust, brilliance or anything else fancy like that. It’s actually the two kids names stuck together. To be more specific, it's the names of Matt's two kids - Katie and Bobby!

So that’s how we got our name. Now the only problem will be if Matt ever has a third child!

Why was KaBo Hockey formed?


Back in the day when everything was black and white and hockey sticks were made of wood there were only a few choices to make. Pick the right head, stick size and then weight. Once you had cleared these seemingly simple obstacles it was all about getting a stick that looked the part. Obviously a few people will happily skip steps one to three and simply buy a good looking stick although they would never admit it!

Fast forward to now. Wooden hockey sticks are almost extinct and when buying composite hockey sticks you are faced with so many choices and yet players still don’t really know why they should splash the cash on what kind of stick. At KaBo we want to help you find the right stick, as well as keep things in black and white.

After becoming increasingly frustrated by prices being charged by many other manufacturers, KaBo was formed. By sourcing our products directly from the factory and having full control and input in the stick design we are able to offer a range of carbon fibre field hockey sticks that are as good as the leading brands but at a fraction of the price.

Shouldn’t everything in life be like that?

How is KaBo Hockey so competitively priced


So how can we offer the best field hockey sticks at a fraction of the price of leading brands?

It's simple really. Unlike other manufacturers, we source our products directly from the factory. But what does this mean? Well, while other companies are busy paying for middle men to source their sticks, we do that ourselves. Why does this matter? Well, it means we can directly pass those savings on to you!

While other UK hockey brands charge upwards of £300-400 for their top end hockey sticks, we can charge a fraction of that for sticks of the same specification!

So why not join the KaBo revolution and put an end to paying sky high prices?!


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